We build Web Apps

that let you work better.

The Dream

JurisLabs LLC was born out of the desire for Web-based solutions that could let people spend time on what they love and less on the chores that make it all possible.

The Mission

We specialize in identifying areas where services can be optimized for students and professionals, then tailoring applications to their needs.

The Execution

We craft programs that work effortlessly so that every minute of the day can be used to its fullest extent.



Bar-Writer is a Web application built specifically as a study aid for the written portion of the Bar Exam. Bar-Writer aims to give professors, tutors, and students themselves unrivaled insights into their essay writing habits. Bar-Writer is unlike any other current product because it provides actionable metrics in a testing environment similar to the Bar that can easily be assessed by multiple parties.


CoMotto is a suite of applications designed for freelancers everywhere. The concept driving this application the goal of a seamless suite of features that let users minimize many of the administrative and repetitive tasks that constrict throughput.


For further information

contact info@jurislabs.com